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Warning When Buying Land in the Poconos — 4 Comments

  1. Hi, great advice Karen. I would just like to add the delineation of wetlands to that list. Often people buy lots in lake communities, and pay enormously to do so, just to find out that the property has wet lands and may be unbuildable. Even if a property in wet lands can be built upon, the permitting process takes much longer than the standard permitting process for lands not considered wet lands. Because of all these pitfalls, it is in the best interest of the buyer to buy property using a realtor.

    • I was one of those people who purchased a lot from a so called developer when the HIdeout was relatively new. Unbeknowst to me it was a wetlands, but the Hideout didn’t inform me before purchase that it was unbuildable. Human ethics would make you assume that a purchaser in a development would be made aware of this. After spending much money on permits, surveys, taxes and Home Owners Association Fees, I sold my lot for $1 to someone who the Directors of the HIdeout would have viewed as “undesirable”.

  2. DeAnne – thanks for the comment, and the excellent additional tip about wetland delineation. There are many pitfalls that an inexperienced buyer can fall into.

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