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Illegal Lakefront Rentals??!! (Tuesday Tip) — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Karen,

    Thank you for being a totally honest and upfront realtor. You definitely did your homework and by looking carefully at the seller’s deed, you’ve protected the integrity of your clients, yourself, and all other property owners…

    As a land owner at Lake Wynooska, and a friend of other owners, I can attest to the “hornets nest” that has arisen from this unscrupulous vacation rental scenario… You cant believe the disruptions of the peaceful lives that has been created by a vacation rental situation which violates deed restrictions and was advertised without consederations to the protocol of the community.. Trespassing, water use violations, and thefts of belongings and services are a simple few of the miseries befalling the peaceful community.

    I hope everyone in the realty market can be as open and honest as you demonstrate to be.

    Thank you for you article and the specific example you cited.

    Gordon Olsommer

  2. Gordon,
    Thank you for your comment. I did not, however, specifically research the deed restrictions – I merely quoted what I found on the website and put the link there. I strongly encourage anyone purchasing property to have a real estate attorney look into deed restrictions if there are any questions or concerns before making a purchase.

    The last thing I want is to have a customer purchase something with the intent of doing something with their property, and then find out that they can’t do it due to deed restrictions.

    It is very important that the consumer disclose specific intentions ahead of time so we can do our “due diligence” and discover if it is possible.

    Thank you again for your comment.

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