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Tuesday Tips: Go with a Local Lender, Understand "As Is" — 2 Comments

  1. You are so right about the value of using an appraiser that is familiar with the neighborhood. I’ve had appraisers come in from out of town and totally goof up an appraisal causing the buyers to delay their closing. This sort of mistake costs time and money for absolutely no reason.

  2. Kristal, thanks for commenting – the house mentioned in this blog almost didn’t get sold because the buyers first used a lender based in Philly, who used an appraiser from a totally different area. The same thing happened to us as happened to you; the deal was bungled and almost went south.

    But we were able to recommend an excellent local lender to the buyer’s agent (and it turned out her clients were already customers with that bank) and all was well.

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