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One of the hidden gems in Pike County is Pecks Pond. Unfortunately, when people think of Pecks Pond, they think of water overrun by lily pads.

Yes, the part of Pecks Pond visible from Route 402, the the Pecks Pond Store, is certainly full of lily pads. But that’s not the entire lake; it’s only a fraction of Pecks Pond!

One afternoon, I decided to take a drive down Old Route 402 and see more of the lake. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Pecks Pond was as seen from this little traveled road.

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Updated July 20, 2016. Pecks Pond is currently in a drawdown status to allow for dam replacement and also to try and manage the overgrowth of aquatic vegetation. More info here: https://www.fish.state.pa.us/news/2016pr/pecks-pond.html

About Karen Rice

Karen Rice is a full time real estate agent with Davis R Chant Realtors in the Lake Wallenpaupack / Northern Poconos region of Northeast PA. In her downtime, she enjoys being a casual shutterbug and spending time with her family and her crazy, zany black Lab, Trixie.


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  1. Really nice blog. We have a place in Marshall ‘s Creek and wanted to fish the Pond this summer before the draindown. Only would have known about the lily pad side without your photos, thanks!



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