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When I think of this cabin for sale on Pecks Pond in Northeastern PA, I think of one word:

Idyllic.  But that one word conjures up even more:

Definition: pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity.

Synonyms: carefreepastoral, peaceful, pleasing, rural, rustic, simple, unspoiled.

Step Back in Time at Pecks Pond

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Perched on a gentle slope, flanked by Pennsylvania woods, and overlooking one of the prettiest parts of Pecks Pond, this rustic state cabin is alluring yet unassuming at the same time.

Native Pennsylvania bluestones make up the walkway leading to the back yard and the patio.  Even though there is an entrance on the enclosed porch, the “back door” is the common entry point.

Inside, the country kitchen offers a peek at the lake, and enough room to prepare meals and snacks.  While I’m sure you’d be able to make a hearty feast if you wanted, the idea of heading to the cabin means simplifying your life for a while; perhaps eating supper on the porch while watching the sun go down.

The living room has ample space for a dining room table, a wood stove, and plenty of seating.  Before the current trend of “surround sound” became a household word, this cabin was wired with built in speakers and a stereo to provide whatever background music the mood dictates.

The enclosed porch offers near-panoramic views of Peck’s Pond – pull up a chair, prop open the windows, and treat your senses to the sights, sounds, and fragrances of lakefront property in Pike County.  Since the main feature is the pond (pretty good fishing, I’m told…), the porch has some built in trays to enable porch sitters to enjoy a meal or a snack without losing sight of the water.

There are two bedrooms, plus an ample sleeping loft perfect for the kids or those who are still kids at heart.  One of the bedrooms has a shower and vanity, powered by an environmentally friendly gravity-fed plumbing system.

This is a state cabin, on leased PA land.  It is for sale, but it is only available to PA residents, and must be purchased with cash (no mortgages are possible.)  Buyers could take out home equity loans on their existing homes, of course.  Like most state cabins, this one features deluxe outdoor plumbing (hey, the privy is not only decorated with warm knotty pine, but it features electricity and heat as well!) and is close to the community well which is maintained and regularly tested by the state.

State cabins are an affordable way to obtain a mountain get-away…how about you start making your hopes for a lakefront cabin reality?

Only $92,000.  Available for PA residents only because it is leased state land. MAY NOT BE USED AS A PERMANENT RESIDENCE.

Want to see more pictures?  Check out the Virtual Tour.

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  1. Hi Karen, i am interested in purchasing a cabin near pecks pond, or in pine flats. If you know of any listings please contact me at the above email adress. Thanks

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