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Showing Feedback – Observations — 3 Comments

  1. Great comments Karen! Realtors do their best to try to assess their clients needs ahead of time, so as not to waste their clients time ( or theirs) on homes that won’t fit. Sometimes we go on a gut feeling and the result is that perfect home they didn’t think they would put on their list of favorites!!

    One of the best things Realtors can do ( and we do here at Weichert Realors, Paupack Grp) is caravan our new listings weekly. This is a great tool as seeing a home “in person” is the best way to preview for a buyer!!

    Thank you for sharing your tips!!

  2. Thank you Maria Elena and Bill for your comments. Bill, I used to preview homes for buyers before showing them. However I stopped doing it because it always ended up being somewhat of a waste, because more often than not, when I would meet with the buyers and tell them why they won’t like it (for example: “This home won’t work for you because the neighbor is right up against the property with a half dozen barking dogs in the yard…”) and they said “Let’s go see it anyway!” and we went…and they didn’t like the half dozen barking dogs…lol…It seemed to be a waste of time for me to go ahead of time if my purpose was to weed out stuff that won’t work. Unless it is for an established client that will take my word for it after asking me to preview, we discover houses together. 🙂

    I can’t emphasize enough to sellers: your home being shown is a GOOD thing and brings you that much closer to sale!

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