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Not So Happy Grasshopper — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Karen, I know I’ve already apologized to you on Facebook, but would like to here as well. We goofed and should not have used your comment, name and image without permission.

    I am sorry and would like to find a way to make it up to you. For what it’s worth, the sentiment expressed in your comment is not unusual – it can be difficult to see value in our service before seeing the results. That is the point we were clumsily trying to make and I deeply regret that we’ve offended you.

    I’m willing to make it right though, so please let me know how I can. Public apologies, free services, flowers and chocolate?

    Dan Stewart, Founder
    Happy Grasshopper

  2. Dan, your apology is appreciated and accepted. No need for free services or flowers, or even chocolate. The acknowledgement and apology will suffice.

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