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No "Open" Listings for This Agent – Here's Why — 2 Comments

  1. As a REALTOR (active in Va & inactive in Pa) I have to agree with your thoughts on the open listing. On the surface it can seem like a win win, but when you look at all the headaches for both sides that it can cause, it really just is not worth it for the seller or the agent.

    Quite frankly, most agents I know that do take these listings don’t actually do any real marketing of them either. Why would they when there is a great chance they will never get paid. In the end all the seller is getting is a yard full of signs.

    Great post and I 100% agree!

  2. My broker makes it simple with this rule: NO

    I have seen my company do a dual-brokerage every once in a while. (like twice in the last 5 years) That usually comes in a case when the seller is related to 2 agents that work at 2 different brokerages.

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