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Let's Dump the Water Sprinkler Burden — 4 Comments

  1. I could not disagree more. Your facts about smoke detectors are true but they are taken way out of context. The National incident reporting system and the NFPA says that out of nearly 400,000 home fires a year 3000 people or 1% die So yes 99% of fires are survivable with a working smoke detector but 3000 people per year still die. As a firefighter I can tell you that most young children will not hear a sounding smoke alarm in the middle of the night. So ask you is your Childs life worth an additional $10,000 added to the cost of your 200.000 home? If you have a child I urge you to set off your smoke alarms in the middle of the night and see if your children hear and acknowledge the alarm properly. Most children will ignore a smoke alarm sounding in the middle of the night. Are you aware that smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years? How many homeowners change them out? I ask you as a realesate agent to review both sides of the sprinkler debate before you advise other people. There are many ways that sprinkler instalation can reduce the price of a new home from reduced insurance rates to more lenient fire codes please go to this website http://www.homefiresprinkler.org/ and review the information. Thanks for your time.

  2. Thank you for your comment. While I respect your opinion, I do not agree with the government forcing homeowners to comply with this.

    There are other ways that could be used to *encourage* the use of sprinkler systems, such as a nice tax break or some other incentive. Forcing it is wrong and really benefits the water sprinkler system manufacturers, installers, and salespeople more than the home owners.

    Thank you for reading and I appreciate your taking the time to comment – and I appreciate your respectful disagreement. 🙂

  3. I would hate to see the consequences of a water sprinkler system activated by a common stovetop grease fire – especially if anyone is standing near the grease fire when the water sprinklers are activated.

  4. Actually the sprinkler would not go off unless the fire reached a certain temperature at the sprinkler head. Sprinklers do not work like you see in the movies. Most restaurants have sprinkler systems but how often do you hear of those going off???

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